Meal Prep Mason Jar Salads: The Ultimate Guide

Why You’ll Love Them

  • Perfect for meal prep: They stay fresh in the fridge for days and are easy to assemble.
  • Colorful and flavorful: The layers of ingredients add visual appeal and variety of flavors.
  • Customizable:
    You can mix and match ingredients to create your own salads.

How to Make Them

1. Dressing:

  • Add 2 tablespoons of your favorite dressing to the bottom of the jar.

2. Sturdy Veggies:

  • Choose veggies that can handle being soaked in dressing, such as cucumbers, onions, mushrooms, or bell peppers.

3. Proteins:

  • Add a protein source like chicken, tofu, or beans.

4. Grains:

  • Optional but recommended for a more filling salad. Consider farro, quinoa, or rice.

5. Accoutrements:

  • This is where you can get creative! Add nuts, seeds, dried fruit, bacon, or leftover roasted vegetables.

6. Greens:

  • Pack in the remaining space with greens like romaine, spinach, or kale.


  • Layer ingredients in the order listed above to prevent sogginess.
  • Use a wide-mouth quart-sized jar for a large salad.
  • Save money by using jars from pasta sauce or jam.

Favorite Recipes

  • Asian Cabbage Salad: With whole wheat noodles and a tangy dressing.
  • Black Bean Corn Salad: Bulked up with romaine lettuce and frozen corn.
  • Mediterranean Chickpea Salad: Marinated chickpeas with romaine and a flavorful dressing.
  • Italian Chopped Salad: Packed with olives, chickpeas, mozzarella, and salami.

More Salad Ideas

  • Taco Salad

  • Winter Salad
  • Greek Salad
  • BBQ Chicken Salad
  • Caribbean Chicken Salad
  • Moroccan Chickpea Salad
  • Nicoise Salad

  • BLT Chopped Salad
  • Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad
  • Detox Salad


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I am no chef, I am just a mom who loves to eat good food. I enjoy making healthy, low calorie meals without compromising taste. It’s not all healthy here but I do try!


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